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Glass combined with other materials surrounds us everywhere. The properties of the material provide elegance, light and protection to a wide variety of useful, or just beautiful, products.

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The products we provide only for you as our service are selected from the best products with number 1 quality in the world


Shower Fittings

With us, we take it seriously to listen to our customers and their needs. We do this because we know that good communication leads to the best solutions

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Glass Railing

Glass railings ensure the great view while providing protection against wind and are an exquisitely elegant design detail. There is a large selection of solutions and combinations with different materials.

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Glass Wind Shield

On terraces and balconies that are exposed to wind, a flexible glass wind protection system can be very useful and contribute to better utilization of beautiful but windy weather. There are various solutions with folding walls or raising / lowering mechanisms so that the windscreen is only used when needed.

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Glass Baldakiner

Canopies create a protected, open outdoor area e.g. in front of entrances. A glass canopy adds elegance and can be an exquisite design detail.

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Glass Doors

Glass doors are widely used in the design of bathrooms, balconies and terraces, office landscapes, shop facades and wherever light or insight is desired. Glass doors can be transparent, translucent or decorated depending on the application

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Glass Slides

Sliding doors are used as a service window, for hygiene purposes and other applications where it is important, easy and efficient to be able to provide temporary, physical access between two rooms or between indoor and outdoor areas.

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Balcony Glass

With an unstable climate, short summers and a lot of weather, a glazed balcony creates a warm and pleasant patio regardless of the weather. The concept is suitable for apartments, housing associations, condominiums, detached houses and holiday homes.

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Glass Over Kitchen

A beautiful glass plate as splash protection over the kitchen counter makes the kitchen more beautiful and safer. Plates with different designs, treatments and possible framing are delivered to exactly adapted dimensions.

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Glass Stand & Furniture

Exhibition stands, tables, chairs, shelves, cabinets, it is almost only the imagination that limits the use of glass in interior and furniture solutions.

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